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Where to order?

Where to order?
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There are just a few steps to take before you can mix and drink Purple Mangosteen instant drink in the comfort of your home. Let´s answer the most frequently asked questions in connection with the purchase of the product.  The answers will speed up the progress of your order and clarify the commercial terms associated with the purchase to the prospective customer of Purple Mangosteen product:

I want to buy Purple Mangosteen product.

Which e-shop shall I contact?

You can order Purple Mangosteen instant drink online. If you order the product on the official website (see the link at the end of the text), there will be a pleasant surprise from the seller in the form of a lower price for the product offered. Here you will also find information on the current prices of the products.

Where exactly shall I place my order on the web?

On the seller´s website, click on „ORDER“,  whether you choose any of the online ordering methods offered; after you click on the button you will be redirected to a new website where you will find product information and the number of packages from which you can choose.

You can choose from several options: you can purchase one, two or three packs of product made of mangosteen. If you consider buying one pack of Purple Mangosteen instant drink, you will find relevant information on the delivery of the ordered goods, on the current price and discount which you may get in case of the purchase of this product.

How much will I pay for the transport?

You will find this information in the e-shop; sometimes there is shipping free of charge offer.

When will I receive the package?

Shipments are delivered within 1-3 business days as from the date you filled in and sent your order.

The product does not suit me. What shall I do?

This may happen and the seller should count on this case. If the product does not meet your expectations and you decide to claim it, please contact the seller for further instructions.

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