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How to prepare the drink properly?

Please observe the prescribed amount of Purple Mangosteen and do not exceed the recommended daily dose.  Put a full teaspoon of instant drink in one glass of water or your favourite drink. Before you drink prepared Mangosteen drink, carefully check, whether the instant preparation was able to dissolve completely in the beverage.

How often should Mangosteen be used?

In order to fulfil the manufacturer´s promises and effectively help reduce weight, regular dosing should be followed. Drinking one glass of mixed drink is not sufficient; therefore we recommend using Purple Mangosteen twice a day and drinking a glass usually before meal. Drinking the mixed drink after a meal significantly reduces the effect of Mangosteen and makes it more difficult to lose weight.

May I randomly distribute two doses of the drink during the day as needed?

We advise you to plan the preparation and drinking time of the mixed drink in repeated cycles to get your body used to the new approach you have chosen in the fight against obesity. Select a specific morning and evening hour during which you will be regularly taking  Purple Mangosteen instant drink.

How long does it take for the product to start working?

Twenty minutes after drinking carefully mixed drink is enough for the body to feel certain changes. The feeling of hunger begins to fade into the background. The urge to eat excess portions and to overload the stomach with surplus quantity of food that it is unable to process will disappear.

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