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What to be aware of

Before you start preparing for a weight reduction process using the Purple Mangosteen instant drink, we advise you to  read the composition of the offered product carefully. Please consider whether use of this product is the right choice for you and for your health. Not all of the ingredients contained in this product may suit you one hundred percent. This way you can prevent unpleasant complications that could occur after impetuous use of the product.

Adverse effects that may occur

For every single pack of the Purple Mangosteen instant drink, 25 pieces of juicy delicious fruit of mangosteen are used.  Consumers across continents can´t say enough good things about this fruit. However, these unique fruits of tropical tree Garcinia mangostana may cause various adverse effects in contact with the skin or after ingestion.

Allergic reaction to Mangosteen

Sensitive individuals may experience unusual skin redness or itchy rash. If you observe the aforementioned adverse effects of the product, or possibly swelling of the lips or throat, contact your doctor and tell him about the product after which the allergic reaction occurred and its composition.

Product, whose composition might be convenient for everyone

Despite the fact, that mangosteen is considered to be an antibiotic and antiparasitic agent that helps with all sorts of problems (from urinary tract infection to intestinal problems) it might happen that in more sensitive individuals it may cause nausea or short-term weakness. It might be not just an unpleasant side effect of the product, but also an indication of the disease the person is struggling with. In this case it is advisable to inform your general practitioner about your current health state. Do not forget to mention the use of relevant product.

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