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Cure based on fruit with delicious taste

The basic ingredient of the Purple Mangosteen instant drink is mangosteen which is a fruit of tropical plant Garcinia mangostana. Not only this fruit is really delicious and offers its consumers pure gastronomic enjoyment, it has also got its fans thanks to its effects in the fight against obesity and attempts to reduce overweight.

Where did the mangosteen come from?

The first people who got the opportunity to taste the delicious fruits of Garcinia Mangostana were the inhabitants of Indonesia and the visitors of Southeast Asia and Oceania. The traveller, who decided to take a trip to Calcutta, India, for beneficial Mangosteen fruit, was Captain White. The Mangosteen seeds were taken care of and grown in the Duke of Northumberland´s greenhouse. Thanks to Captain White, the United Kingdom could taste its own cultivated delicious fruits.

Where is the juice fruit grown?

From there, Garcinia Mangostana spread over the North American Caribbean. As a tropical tree, it was able to take roots also in the fertile soil of Australia.   Delicious fruits also benefit from the climate of South American Brazil, from where Mangosteen is imported to Europe most often.

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